How It Works

IM Telematics’ DVIR app will automatically capture the date and time of the inspection.

It will also log the location of the person conducting the inspection.

Users select the equipment to be inspected from a (pre-loaded) Drop-down list.

The list will include the Unit’s number, License plate and odometer reading.

Next the user selects the Region: Québec – rest of Canada – USA.

The system then switches to the appropriate Region and displays the components for that Region that must be inspected.

To increase accuracy of the inspection, IM Telematics’ DVIR includes photos of all the components that must be inspected.

Defects are colour coded: RED for a MAJOR defect and YELLOW for a MINOR defect.

The User can then choose to log the defect by either: taking a picture, video recording, audio recording or type the nature of the defect.
If a MAJOR defect is noted the DVIR report will indicate (in bold RED letters) that the vehicle is not road worthy.

If a MINOR defect is noted this will also be indicated on the DVIR report and it will start the countdown to repairs (all MINOR defects must be repaired within 48 hours after which the vehicle will be deemed not road worthy).

Once the inspection has been completed the report is signed (electronically) by the User and an email is sent with a PDF of the inspection report to the Fleet Manager or whoever is assigned to manage the DVIR’s.

Before a vehicle with a MAJOR defect can go back on the road the Fleet Manager must enter the PO# and the name of the garage or mechanic that made the repairs. This information is logged with the original inspection report.

If you are stopped by the DOT or SAAQ Inspectors you will have access to all the inspection reports for the vehicle and trailer that you are using. The reports can be viewed on the spot or emailed in PDF to the requested email address.

What is a DVIR?

A DRIVER VEHICLE INSPECTION REPORT or DVIR, is a formal record confirming that a driver has completed
an inspection on a commercial motor vehicle.

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